A Long Overdue Update 2019.06.22

Hey, everybody. Welcome back!

So, it's been a awhile and we're pretty busy, but we finally have an update pushed out the door just in time for QuakeCon!

Here are the changes for the new version, 2.1! Grab it in the Downloads Page!


  • Upgraded GZDoom engine to v4.1.3. Time marches on! (This will affect your existing config - you may need to reset it).
  • Fixed the crash that occurs when dropping a crate that is picked up.
  • Fixed the "multiplayer desync" that occurred when a player jumped. Yeah, I know. Very confusing.
  • Changed some menu fonts to include lower-case letters, and tweaked some messages for aesthetic reasons!
  • All sound is now compressed! Smaller download, and not too much different with the sound quality!

For Modders (and MDK)

  • The Air Control constant that makes Square "more platform-y" is now applied to ALL maps including new ones, so you don't have to replace an existing map in order to get it. It also shouldn't interfere with custom Air Control, if set via MAPINFO.
  • The entirety of Square's actor code has been updated to ZScript. No more DECORATE. Be aware that this may affect some existing mods.
  • Added "Effect Zone" scripts to the global library - this can be a big help for turning ambient effects on and off as players move through your maps.


  • The Hellshell Launcher no longer fires if you switch to it while holding down the fire button (for safety reasons).
  • Adjusted the accuracy of the single Oozi (now about as accurate as the Quadcannon).
  • Weapon projectile offsets were adjusted due to rendering issues.
  • Fixed the "Hot Sauce Keeping Invulnerability Between Maps" bug.


  • Fixed up E1 maps - misalignments, added "Effect Zones" for performance reasons.
  • Fixed up E2 maps - misalignments, added "Effect Zones" as well.
  • Changed how non-bubbly lava damages players (more forgiving).
  • E2A1 had an intermission camera that was stuck to the ceiling. Awkward!
  • Fixed some navigational issues on E2A2.
  • Goodbye giant Orange Building in E2A3 that added 5 to 10 min. of unnecessary play time.
  • E2A5's small jelly cubes were terrible. So we made them bigger!
  • E2A6's mandatory tent was opened. Too many players missed it, and we didn't convey its "openability" enough. Our bad.
  • Moved an Envirosuit in E2A6.
  • Made bubbly lava not bubbly on E2A6.
  • Made the Pyramid Key in E2A6 a bit tougher to speedrun to.
  • E2A7's yellow armor was too easy to jump to, and completely broke sequence too easily.
  • Gave E1A10 a facelift of sorts.
  • Some Thing Flag fixes on E2A10.
  • E2A11 has some more graphical acoutrement.
  • The secret exit to E2A12 is a little easier to get to.
  • Hello, DM05! So THAT'S where the Orange Building in E2A3 went!


  • Made the Eyescreamer a bit heavier so he doesn't go flying too fast when getting shot.
  • The Oozi Jerk has a small delay before firing plus a warning sound.
  • Jetpack Jerks now have a small delay before firing.
  • Ovolt/airvolt death explosions have a smaller radius and deal less damage. However, the Revolt death is a little larger and more damaging!


  • Some shootable, non-threatening objects drew Autoaim fire. This has been fixed.
  • The "Bubbling Goop" effect never turned off its ambient noise if deactivated.
  • Removed "Hardware Gamma" from the menu. It is obsolete.

Phew! That's a lot! Thanks for being patient with us this past year. We're really glad that people like the game, and there will be more Square coming up.

Be there and be Square!

Sowing Discord and MDK 2018.06.17

Howdy, Adventures of Square community (yep, that's you)!

We now have an official Discord Server! That link will invite you in. On the server, you can talk about all sorts of Square-related things, as well as speedrunning, modding, and mapping.

"Wait a minute," you say, "modding and mapping?!" That's right! We're also releasing an Episode 1 & 2 Map Development Kit for use in mapping for Square! If you already know how to make Doom maps, and wanted to make Square maps, then today's your lucky day! All you need is a compatible map editor like GZDoom Builder.

However, there are a few caveats: The Adventures of Square is a game currently in development, which means that things could be changing internally with each release. Keep in mind that our progress in development could break your mod or map. We accept no responsibility if this happens, but we'll do our best to inform everybody of major changes.

See you there! We can't wait to see what everybody cooks up!

Episode 2 is OUT! 2018.04.06

Better late than never.


Hey, everybody! The Adventures of Square Episode 2 is finally OUT! It's been a long road frought with delays and danger, but we've finally delivered. Episode 2 is HERE!

UPDATE (2018-04-06): We're now on itch.io as well!

We've also made OSX builds for our Mac-using friends (though we're kinda new to it - let us know if there are any major issues)! Also there's plenty changed between version 1.4 (Square-ware) and 2.0 (Secant Edition):

  • Updated engine to GZDoom v3.3.1! This will probably invalidate your save game, though, but it's totally worth it since it fixes a lot of things.
  • Square's jump physics have changed for the better! Fancy stuff like "ledge forgiveness" and pseudo-bunnyhopping! This should make platforming a little less of a hassle.
  • We completely revamped the basic menu, but don't worry! You can still find the full GZDoom Engine menu in the "advanced" section.
  • Added a new OPL Timbre set that works (by CSonicGo). Listen to it by choosing the LIBADL MIDI Device (WOPL Bank in ADLMIDI, set by default).
  • Square, did you get a facelift? Yeah, the old one was getting a little worse for wear. So we changed it!
  • The cake pickup was changed to be more purple, since all bonus health powerups now have a prominent purple color.
  • The pickup sound for health bonus powerups is now different from (yet similar to) the original health pickup sound.
  • It was a bit of cheap shot to make Color Cube red shots explosive. They deal lots of damage, but they no longer explode.
  • Adjusted Tritankle color to something less "friendly."
  • Paintcannon bullets now draw "blood" - makes it a tad more spectacular to use.
  • Dual Oozis, baby! We finally did it! Just pick up another Oozi!
  • Fixed the graphics not resetting correctly on the Hellshell Launcher after a Goonade is used.
  • Due to popular (?) demand, the Defibs will electrocute you a little bit if you use them underwater: 25 damage, ignore armor.
  • All "bullet" weapons are now yellow paint splatter - shotbow/quadcannon, as well as Tritankles and the Destructinator.
  • Adjusted TNT Crates to be a little more damaging/useful.
  • Players that respawn did not get new ID tags. This would have affected Co-op things that affect player states.
  • Players now die a little differently, but this now means that you can resurrect yourself now via the console command, RESURRECT.
  • Messages have been changed to be a little more... colorful.
  • Lots of changes to E1's BigBrik times.
  • E1A1 was changed a little near the water building thing - longer halls, and added an outdoor jump!
  • E1A1's ending area was also changed a bit more - some switches removed or altered, and you get to raise a bridge, now! Whoa!
  • E1A2 has been completely replaced. The old map is now in OLDSEWER.
  • A two gaps in an overhang window were fixed in E1A7.
  • Fixed a misaligned texture or two in E1A9.
  • Fixed Monster Blocking on the Destructinator platform in E1A9.
  • Lots of other tiny changes in thing placement around all maps.
  • All maps had some tweaks to Goonade placement because they are better now.


From the bottom of our hearts at BigBrik Games, we would also like to take this moment to thank the countless (really - we have not been counting) fans and followers and players and downloaders of The Adventures of Square, from the YouTube Let's Players to the Speedrunners, from the Casuals to the Hardcore. We are still moving forward and finishing up the game with Episode 3 (coming... whenever. Maybe 2020?), and we hope you still have the amazing patience that you've showed us as you waited for Episode 2.


Be there and be Square!

State of Episode 2 2018.01.06

Hey, everybody. It's been a while (feels like deja vu....).

I'm sure everybody's wondering, "Where the heck is Episode 2?" And the answer is, really, really, soon!

As it stands at this very moment, we've got 11-ish out of 12 maps done, all of the new enemies and weapon stuff coded, practically all of the major artwork and graphics finished, all of the music composed, and 98% of the sound work DONE!

We hope to have this thing done by January 31st, 2018 (or a tiny bit past that). That will give us enough time to polish all of the remaining things to a spittle-infused shine, and ensure that Episode 2 (and bits of episode 1) are going to be an amazing thing you'll enjoy in 2018. It's already really good, and we're darn sure you'll be incredibly pleased with a lot of the new stuff (my money's on the Strongman)!

And if we're not done by GDC in March, feel free to come find me (MTrop) and yell at me, and I'll put on my sad face. :(

As always, we are incredibly grateful for all of our fans, and we thank you for not giving up on us, even though we really don't blame you for getting a teensy bit impatient.


Soon we'll be there, and soon, you'll be Square! ...Again!

Square 1.4, AMAZE, and Delays 2017.04.22

Hey, everybody. It's been a while.

Square's version is now 1.4, and this a major "polish" version. One, I may add, that contains more refined spritework, environmental sounds and effects, and updated weapon art! WHOA!

We've also switched to GZDoom as our base, due to the discontinuation of ZDoom. But this is good, since we don't have to keep distributing two different Windows versions every release. You can still switch between the retro- style renderer and the OpenGL one, though. This also might mean that there will be some bugs here and there that will need fixing, but everything's very stable.

We also cannot stress enough that we are VERY grateful to have such patient fans, and we are pretty much on track for releasing Episode 2 before the end of the year (for serious, this time - no joke)!

Me (MTrop) and Jazz Mickle will also be at A-MAZE 2017 in Berlin, Germany from April 26 - 29. Come talk to us about Doom! Square will also be at the Open Screens (very last shift, very last day) so you may get to play EPISODE 2! HOLY COW! (Or, maybe earlier, if you ask nicely.)

Enough goings-on - on with the Changelog!

  • Base engine is now GZDoom 2.4.0! This will re-unify the versions into one download! If you want the GL renderer, select it in the video menu and restart!
  • Weapon makeovers!
  • Spruced up the TITLEPIC a bit.
  • Re-did the menus to use language entries and added/changed some sections. Lots of things may be reorganized from last version. Sorry if this confuses people.
  • Tweaked Jetpack Jerk graphics to make less object pool pollution.
  • Ovolts revamped: New looks, better Ovolt death sounds, and they're more robotlike.
  • Adjusted damage from Ovolt explosions.
  • Slight Chatterbox sound tweaks, and revamped looks.
  • Metal debris now has sounds to tickle the eardrums when you're blowing up robots!
  • Making sounds stop on deactivated fountains was using a deprecated method.
  • Adjusted some sounds played by exploding enemies.
  • Fixed precision problems in some random value ranges.
  • Destructinator's "lock-on" crosshair's height was changed due to engine changes. This has been fixed.
  • Adjusted damage that Square takes from green goonade goo.
  • A bunch of "modern" robots now explode with fragments of some mysterious material...
  • All Maps: Fixed bad or garbage data causing issues in slated (G)ZDoom builds.
  • Fixed some invisible walls on cliffs in E1A3 (and still prevented the player getting up there).
  • Added a game hint about crates in E1A3.
  • Extended the ladder to the yellow key path in E1A3.
  • Some slight powerup changes in E1A6.
  • Fixed some "node holes" in E1A6 in the OpenGL renderer.
  • Made a switch in E1A7 not locked (it was the only one that was).
  • Moved the passcode disc in E1A8 to a more findable location.
  • The Fishtank uses a better effect that does not wash out the vibrant colors of Square's universe. You also get an audible/visual warning when you are about to run out of air!

Thanks for your continued support, Square fans! Be there and be Square!

Square 1.3.2, DevStreams, and IndieCade 2016.10.06

You know, what? Let's freshen this episode up a bit.

Square's version is now 1.3.2. Incoming changes....


  • Square Jabber chance can now be set. Default is 15%. If you already disabled this before, you'll need to set it to 0 again. Sorry.
  • Some sprite facelifts.
  • Goonade puddles now do the damage the airborne globs do. It was different for some reason.
  • Goonade goo also always makes enemies flinch, to convey that it actually is damaging and to make it slightly more useful.
  • Adjusted the "fast" speed of the Dark Ovolt attack. This makes them a tad more fair in Cubular.
  • It was a mistake making all the NPCs extend ScriptedMarine. Now they just extend SquareMonster. Only people jumping the gun on the modding thing will care about this one.
  • Hellshell sub-explosions no longer thrust the player, making Hellshell-jumping much more consistent.
  • The cows in E1A10 looked a little chilly, so we gave them some winter wear.
  • Some fountains that were red should have been purple due to a typo.
  • Yellow giblets are now the proper yellow for the GL ports.

Also, I (MTrop) will be in LA for IndieCade 2016! I'll be in the IndieXChange Gametasting the day before the festival proper. Stop on by and you may just get your chance to see a working version of EPISODE 2! It's not a myth after all!

We also did a Devstream for Episode 2 and answered some of your questions about developing the game! It is up on YouTube here! It was such a success, we might do it again! Who knows!

Another thing to check out on YouTube is a user named CainBitterman, who recorded his playthrough of Square on Cubular difficulty! Whoa! Check out the videos here, on his channel!


Until we meet again, loyal fans! Be there and be Square!

Square 1.3.1 and Some Updates 2016.06.26

Hey, all. We've tweaked and fixed some things.

Square's version is now 1.3.1. Here are the changes!


  • MAPINFO skill definitions changed to not interfere with existing skill definition names. Also added "clearskills" to ensure that existing behavior is not copied in the future.
  • Tweaked Color Cube behavior - now they won't fire the same type of attack twice in a row.
  • Tweaked Goonade damage for more overall effectiveness, not just direct hits.
  • Goonade direct hit damage varies with force of throw. Max power = max damage.
  • Fixed some maps with forcefields that hurt enemies when they touched them.
  • Cleaned up some automap lines.
  • Added a hidden gag to E1A8 that we really wanted to add earlier on in development.

Development on E2 is back is business, and slowly but surely, it is getting done. The wait will be more than worth it, we assure you!

Follow BigBrik on Twitter!

Square 1.3 and the Journey Thus Far 2016.02.26

Hello everybody! We're releasing another version of Square!

This release brings the version up to 1.3, and will bring the game closer to what the final gameplay will be like. Though, due to some slight codebase fragmentation in ZDoom/GZDoom, the Software and OpenGL versions are now in separate packages. Sorry!


  • Core ZDoom and GZDoom version updated (2.8.1/2.1.1 respectively).
  • Distribution split into two packages due to source port fragmentation. (Sorry!)
  • Some internal reorganizing of resources for the new ZDoom versions.
  • Goonades are now an offhand weapon (thrown with the ALTFIRE/GOONADE button). By default, this is the RIGHT Mouse Button.
  • Reloadable weapons (currently just the Quadcannon) reload with the RELOAD button.
  • Hotsauce renders you invulnerable for its duration on ALL skill levels, now. We figured it was best to keep it as fun as possible.
  • Fishtanks, which can be essential, are no longer counted as "items."
  • Rectangoliers now behave properly in Cubular (which, of course, is the skill setting that they are featured in. whoops). This means they'll probably be more aggressive and bothersome than usual. We're not sorry.
  • Changed the "replay" button in Time Attack to RELOAD instead of FIRE.
  • Added a bunch of kooky adornments to Square's face for each powerup.
  • Added Goonade counter to the "block" statusbar.
  • Fixed/changed the secret area message.
  • Fixed a lemonade pickup message (picked up on low health).
  • Fixed some sprite offsets on candles and torches.
  • Status bar is now removed/changed during intermission.
  • Tweaked some VO timings for when Square dispatches a baddie.
  • Giblets now bounce off ceilings. They looked weird just stopping when hitting them.
  • Added "ladder" game hint to another ladder in E1A1. Only one will be triggered, anyway.
  • Changed a small section of E1A3.
  • Some bars blocked projectile attacks on E1A6. Now they don't.
  • Fixed "unknown things" on E1A6.
  • Changed some Block Player lines and Walkable Lines in E1A8 to be shot through or walked on.
  • Other tiny map changes.

We're working hard on finishing up Episode 2 at the moment, and are probably gonna release it hopefully mid-year-ish if things go smoothly. It's not the full game (3 episodes), but we feel that you guys deserve something for putting up with the wait due to some unforseen delays. We will still finish the game, but it won't be done in as quick a timeframe as we thought. We will still stick screenshots up on our Twitter Feed whenever possible, so follow that for updates and announcements!

Also, on another note, A MAZE is coming up in April (19th - 23rd), and I (Matt Tropiano) and possibly JMickle will be there. Find us and talk about Square and Doom!

Thanks for sticking with us! Follow BigBrik on Twitter, and remember - Be There and Be Square!

Where Were We 2015.10.04

Hey, it's been a while. So where are we with Episode 2 and 3?

Well, it's coming along slowly but surely. We are wrapping up the major bit of Episode 2, and believe us when we say that it's gonna be awesome when everything's done. What this means, though, is we are pushing back our release schedule quite a bit. Like, a whole half-of-a-year "quite a bit."

In the meantime, another version will be released soon with some tweaks that will bring things closer to how things will work in the full version, and we are releasing sneak peeks of stuff on our Official Twitter Page, so follow that if you want to see progress!

So that's where we are. Indiecade is coming up at the end of this month, and I (Matt Tropiano) will be there in case you wanna chat about Square, Doom, or Video Games or whatever.

Thanks for your patience and support, and as always, Be There and Be Square!

Another Square Version 2015.07.25

It's a QuakeCon present for you all: Square is now version 1.2, and it adds/fixes a lot of stuff.


  • Slightly better implementation of the "Promo" fix.
  • The ammo packs dropped by some circle guys could get crushed under doors and stuff. Fixed!
  • There was a bunch of bullet ricochet sounds that weren't being used. Time to remedy that! Stuck them on some enemy bullet puffs so Square knows he's being shot at.
  • Shatterboxes explode differently now, to differentiate them from other enemies that behave similarly (or WILL behave similarly...).
  • Updated Destructinator crosshair. Slightly more informative.
  • Some powerups were not clearing when the intermission screen was reached.
  • Fishtank duration increased to 90 seconds.
  • The Locationator now shows all automap objects for 30 seconds (map is still revealed for the whole level). Shows up as "Scanner" on HUD.
  • Changed around some powerup HUD labels.
  • Added some forcefield powerdown sounds.
  • A single Oozi Jerk frame had fullbright pixels on it when it shouldn't have.
  • Some maps never had all 8 Co-op starts! Guess nobody plays Co-op, or we would have heard about it!
  • Throwing Goonades and dropping crates no longer alerts enemies.
  • Square now has a LOT more things to say.