Meet the team at BigBrik Games that made The Adventures of Square possible!

James "Jimmy" Paddock

Creative Direction, Level Design, Graphics (Texturing/Spriting), Music Composition, Programming, Writing

British-born Australian and all-around talented follow, James Paddock has been very active in the fields of map design and music composition. An enthusiastic contributor to all things creative, Jimmy's work can be seen throughout the Doom community and beyond. The Adventures of Square is not his first major project, but it is certainly one of his most ambitious to date, so he had to surround himself with other talented individuals to make Square more than just a one-dimensional game (if you're keeping count, it's actually three dimensions).

Xaser Acheron

Level Design, Graphics, Music Composition, Programming

Xaser is everywhere. Some days he's seen composing music, other days he's doing texturing and spriting, and the rest of the time he's designing and modding games. To this day, nobody knows whether he's a free-spirited paragon of creative integrity, or a highly sophisticated, multi-node artificial intelligence that can convincingly masquerade as human. He passed BigBrik's Turing Test, though, so that's good enough for us.
Matthew is a long-time modder and mapper for Doom, and as a pretty amazingly deep voice, to boot, so we had him voice a couple of characters using his booming, yet dulcet pipes.

Richard "Tarnsman" Frei

Level Design, Quality Assurance

Richard has got some serious mapping chops in the Doom community, which is probably why he got wrapped up in Square. Outside of Square, he can be seen joining and contributing to several notable Doom-engine-related projects. His keen eye for quality and consistency was a major boon for the team, as is the way he can always procure unwitting victims available testers for project feedback.

Captain J

Concept Art, Promo Art, Graphics (Spriting / Title), Quality Assurance

Not many people have heard of Captain J, but his spritework is slowly coming into the public eye. He does a bunch of spritework and art for Square with a quality that matches his exuberant enthusiasm.

Augustus "Alfonzo" Knezevich

Level Design, Music Composition, Writing

Nobody really calls Alfonzo "Augustus" at BigBrik, but a rose by any other name would still compose, design, and write just as well. When he isn't jawing up a storm at Doom Radio and directing large community projects filled with devoted mappers and other talented individuals, he's here at BigBrik making masterpieces. And he's really corny, too, so that helps things quite a bit.

Conor "ClonedPickle" Maddin

Level Design, Quality Assurance

Though just a fledgeling mapper in the Doom scene, Conor was taken under the wing of BigBrik long ago, and then shoved out of the nest so we could watch him fly. Not sure how many more bird-related analogies we can cram in here, so let's just end this with: has sharp creative insight and knows what makes games fun.

Jazz "jmickle" Mickle

PR and Marketing, Music Composition

A young globetrotter with a love for all things artistic, creative, and importantly, "video game-y," Jazz has lent her music composition talents to Square and also served as our intrepid guide in the world of indie game promotion and public relations. If you need a game promoted, her knowledge will prove invaluable.

Marian "Baratus" Paddock

Voice of Square, Cutscene Art

Marian is Jimmy's younger sibling, and when they aren't doing artsy stuff, they're doing voice acting. Luckily, we got them to be the voice of the main character, Square. Now they can never leave.


Concept Art, Square's In-Game Faces

Slax is an artist that frequently contributes bits and pieces of cartoony works that have influenced different parts of Square. If there ever was a person that could give personality and life to simple shapes, it's him.

Matthew "MTrop" Tropiano

Project Management, Level Design, Programming, Sound Design, Voice Acting, Graphics (Spriting), Writing, Quality Assurance

The oldest member of BigBrik age-wise, and contributor to the Doom community since as early as 1996, Matthew is an experienced level designer who tends to be an ornery ogre that is quick to remind the other team members that they have it too good these days with modern mapping tools. Opinionated and resourceful, he is always willing to lend a hand, even when he probably doesn't need to. He's also the guy who wrote these short bios, and really doesn't like talking about his personal skills unironically. Now, GET OFF MY LAWN!

Walker "Pavera" Wright

Level Design

Walker not only has an amazing, luxurious beard that is the envy of lesser men, he also has quite a bit of mapping skill that we at BigBrik couldn't wait to get our hands on. A level design powerhouse, he helped give Square that extra "oomph" from good to great.