Below are the current release packages for The Adventures of Square. OSX and Linux packages coming soon.

The Adventures of Square, Episode 1 [Mirror #1]
Version 1.4 (2017-04-22), 29.8 MB

Microsoft Windows

This version contains a modified ZDoom package that will ONLY detect Square. Good for most end-users and gamers. If you're not sure what version to download, this is probably the one. Unzip it to a directory that you have permission to write to, and run SQUARE.EXE (or set up a shortcut to it).

The Adventures of Square, Episode 1 [Mirror #1]
Version 1.4 (2017-04-22), 25.0 MB

ZDoom PK3 (for experts)

This version contains the main asset file only. Runs as an IWAD/IPK3 that GZDoom 2.4.0 and recent Git builds of GZDoom can detect. This is for people that "know what they're doing" and use the bleeding edge, Git Build versions of GZDoom, or the ones that run under OSX and Ubuntu Linux.

We do not support running this with another IWAD as though this were a Doom Modification!

The Adventures of Square, Episode 1 (GL Version)

Microsoft Windows

Version 1.3.2 Mirror

Version 1.3.1 Mirror

Version 1.3 Mirror