The world of The Adventures of Square is home to large group of inhabitants, but here are some of the more important ones.

Our hero - the most in-shape shape who has the gumption to head out into the unknown and save Shape Land and rescue Dr. Octagon from the clutches of the Circle of Evil.

Outgoing and adventurous, Square is Shape Land's only hope. Grab your paintgun, fellas. Today, it's hip to be Square.

The greatest mind that was ever known and will ever be known, Dr. Octagon had helped move Shape Land into it's technological age. Now, the Circle of Evil has him in their possession, and are forcing him to design their war. Find him and rescue him or else they'll succeed!

These jerks are the primary members of the Circle of Evil. They are numerous and come in different flavors - all of them malicious. With heads filled with hate and an arsenal of weapons at their disposal, they won't rest until Shape Land is theirs to control.

The security droids and 'bots that act as most of Shape Land's security have been reprogrammed by the Circle of Evil and used as weapons to further their conquest. They may be scary and powerful, but with the right tools, Square can make short work of them!

While Square and the Circle of Evil duke it out, the hapless citizens of Shape Land are caught in the crossfire. Will Square be their salvation?