You Might Wanna Download This 2015.05.25

We've updated Square AGAIN! (But we have a long way to go to break Quake 2's record....)

Square has been updated to version 1.1.2, and fixes something weird.


  • A mode called "Promo Mode" would still be active even if it were disabled. Fixed.
  • Changed some "fullbright" pixels on some sprites, notably the robotic enemies.
  • Added licensing information for end-users.

A Tiny Update 2015.05.20

Just a wafer-thin one.

Square has been updated to version 1.1.1.


  • Tweaked the output levels of some sound clips.
  • Last patch broke Square's voiceovers when picking up Defibs. Fixed!

Also, did you check out the June 2015 issue of PC Gamer? Andi Hamilton wrote an article called "The Cult of Doom" that features some stuff that Jimmy and I said about Square and Doom Modding/Developing in general! Check it out, if you can grab a copy!

A Version 1.1 Update 2015.04.19

Square has been updated to version 1.1! Just in time for A MAZE!


  • Added a "strength meter" to Goonade throws so that the throw force is more easily determined.
  • Made explosions and smoke/steam effects look better (smoke billows).
  • Quadcannon fires 12 pellets instead of 10, firing spread adjusted slightly.
  • TNT crates explode a little more strongly.
  • Nuke crates damage less on initial explosion.
  • Fizzo crate explosion damage reduced dramatically, but now they blast things away like the defibs!
  • NPCs now go immediately into a FRIGHTENED state when shot.
  • Added small boxes to the Square key balcony in E1A1 to convey rail-jumping feature.
  • Modified E1A8 slightly to convey Fizzocrate mechanic.
  • Fixed a place in E1A9 where the player could get stuck between crates.
  • Enabled in-game hints by default (reminder: they can be turned off).
  • Added subtitles (and subtitle system) for some voice clips. They too can be toggled in the menu.
  • Removed TRAINING episode. Deemed unnecessary. It's still reachable in the game via console: map training

Square's going to A MAZE Berlin 2015.04.02

Hey, hey, everybody!

You have probably heard me saying it a bunch already or if you follow the indie scene you might already know it, but Square is gonna be at A MAZE. Berlin 2015 in (you guessed it!) Berlin, Germany!

The venue is at Urban Spree, in the Friedrichshain borough of Berlin, from April 22nd to the 25th. I'm gonna be there (MTrop), and Jazz will be there, especially since she's one of the artists that are going to be doing stuff there on the 22nd! Yowza!

You wanna talk Doom or Square? Then head on down! Tickets are purchased here! Hope to see you there!

Square WENT to EGX Rezzed 2015.03.22

Well, we're back from London, and we had an incredible time! We loved talking to everybody about Doom and Square, and we can't wait to go to future events! We snapped a few pics, and talked to a lot of people that played the game. In the end, everybody had the same response: The Adventures of Square was FUN!

And that's all that really mattered to us at the end of the day.

Also, game journos and fans of brevity REJOICE! We have a press page up! So go there for overall infomation, media, and the long-awaited trailer for Square!

Square goes to EGX Rezzed 2015.02.12

We've got some terrific news! The Adventures of Square is coming to EGX Rezzed 2015 in London, UK as part of the Leftfield Collection! This is an amazing honor, and we would like to thank David Hayward and everybody else involved in the selection process.

Jimmy, Jazz, and I will also be there at the Expo, so if you are a fan of Square, or even Doom engine-related stuff in general, we'd love to meet you.

You can buy tickets for EGX Rezzed here.


Download Mirror Added 2015.01.07

The Windows Version of Square now has a mirror up on the downloads page! Use that link if the primary download is giving you trouble.

Square gets an Award 2015.01.01

We're very pleased to announce that The Adventures of Square's squareware release won an award in Doomworld's 21st Annual Cacowards as one of the top 10 releases of 2014! We're extremely happy to accept it, and thankful that it was nominated so many times by the players. The almighty mouldy with his incredible mapset was the only other release this year to receive as many nominations.

Rest assured that this is not the end of the line for Square! We have great things planned for the development of the next two episodes of the game.

Happy 21st birthday to Doom, and let's pour a glass now that it's old enough to drink. Here's to our favorite 90's shooter, and to a great 2015 filled with even more awesome releases from the community. Now let's get wrecktangled!

To all you squares out there, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

Artwork courtesy of Marian "Baratus" Paddock.

Square Version 1.0 Released 2014.11.07

It's been a long time and an amazing ride, but now, The Adventures of Square, Episode 1 is finally released.

We at BigBrik Games would like to thank everybody who made this possible, including our friends, family, and everybody who downloaded and tested the beta versions and provided feedback. Square would not be the game that it is today without any of you.

Square was also showcased at GameCity 9 in Nottingham, UK, thanks to the efforts of Jazz Mickle. Many thanks to everybody who played Square, and thank you for all of your support. We should be able to get some awesome photos of the event up on the site, soon!

There is still quite a-ways to go for us, as we will be working on the rest of the game, but in the meantime, we'll be taking a bit of a breather. Download Episode 1 from the sidebar or the downloads page. Hope to hear about all of the fun that people are having with it!